Desmond_Sim_FB_Profile_PicIn a Nutshell About Desmond

Pioneering Transforming People’s Life in getting to “heart” of an issue rapidly with Cutting-Edge Method of Thriving Academy and Self-Actualization Psychology.

He co-founded several coaching and training systems that proven and tested by various experts in the industry. They are EntrepreneurshipCoachOnline.com, The Signature Thriving Academy with 4P's Marketing System, Mindfulnesspreneur Mastermind & Certification in Group Facilitation & Organizational Change Coaching.

For the past 10 years, Desmond Sim has served as an expert to leaders, senior citizen, youth, women & even normal folks that walks on the street. Recognized as authority in the cognitive behavior sciences, silva-method, neuro-semantics, self-actualization psychology, self-leadership, law of universe, change management, sustained peak performance and his latest thrive & transform blueprint.

Being blessed learning and be apprentice some of the Gurus in the industry such as Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, Bob Proctor, James Arthur Ray, Jack Canfield, Wyatt Woodsmall,  Laura Silva Quesada, Taki Moore, Jay Fiset & L. Michael Hall. Even till today, he is still learning from these great teachers.

Ability in extending his “compassionate” mind-body-soul to his client, he is known to transform people’s life ferociously by penetrating deeply into the “heart” of the “real” problem.

Desmond spend almost 17 years in the corporate world and majority of them are from Fortune 500 companies. Most of it came from technology & consulting organizations. With such a massive exposure, Desmond has a better edge in terms of how organizations and people behave in order to become a successful one.

Desmond has vast exposure in delivering advanced level of training, personal development workshop, facilitating leadership forums, personal/leadership/organization coaching, consulting and adviser for few business entrepreneurs in retail industries that generated revenue more than USD50 million as to date. He also involved in various complementary health industry as a certified practitioner in alternative therapy. In addition, Desmond has extensive experiences in project and program management as well as quality with organization process improvement skills.

Interestingly, Desmond uniquely possessed ability to coach clients in multiple language specifically in Asia region besides demonstrating it natively in English.

His greatest inspirational to live a life with purpose came from his wonderful 8 years old daughter.

Live Life Completely, Love Wholeheartedly, Serve Compassionately and more importantly if things tend to be impossible is always "Sim-possible" for Desmond.



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