In a nutshell about us:

Pioneering Transforming People’s Life in getting to “heart” of an issue rapidly with Cutting-Edge Method of Thriving Academy and Self-Actualization Psychology. For the past 20 years, A Malaysian-born, Desmond Sim & partner Fonnie Wong from Hong Kong come together to served as an expert in coaching industry to leaders, senior citizen, youth, women & even normal folks that walks on the street. Both individuals are recognized as the authority in the cognitive behavior sciences, Neuro-Semantics, Self-Actualization psychology, self-leadership, emotion management, Satir Principle, Silva Method, Organizational Change Management, Seeds Transformation & Coach-The-Coach System Ability in extending their “compassionate” mind-body-soul to his client, they are known to transform people’s life ferociously by penetrating deeply into the “heart” of the “real” problem.

Desmond Sim was one of the pioneer Meta Coaches in South East Asia Region since 2005. Ever since then he has contributed many areas within the community.

Desmond is helping Coaches & Experts area of Marketing via Thriving Academy Program. His work also being published as books that available in Amazon, 7 Negative Emotions That Prevent Your Success & Massive Business Profits with Rapid Online Strategy.

Desmond has about 20 years of professional experiences in Fortune 500 companies and specifically 10 years in Oil & Gas industry particularly in Change Management, Leadership Development, Group Coaching, Facilitation areas. Among companies that he has work with would be Franklin Covey Co., Royal Dutch Shell, PETRONAS, BP, BASF, Exxon-Mobil, Deutsche Telekom, Microsoft, Yahoo, Fujitsu, IBM, HP, AIG, Western Digital & DELL Computers. His experiences also involved dealing with acquisition, merger & sourcing from various business activities on Change Management Implementation.

In addition, Desmond is certified with various topics possessed ability to facilitate group coaching session in large organization for workshop, seminars & mastermind retreats.

Most of it came from technology & consulting organizations. With such a massive exposure, Desmond has a better edge in terms of how organizations and people behave in order to become a successful one by delivering advanced level of training, personal development workshop, facilitating leadership forums, personal/leadership/organization coaching, consulting and advisory service. Interestingly, Desmond uniquely possessed ability to teach, coach & mentor clients in multiple language specifically in Asia region especially Mandarin (Chinese), Cantonese (Chinese), Malay or Indonesian besides demonstrating it natively in English. His greatest inspirational to live a life with purpose came from his wonderful 11 years old daughter.

Live Life Completely, Love Wholeheartedly, Serve Compassionately and more importantly if things tend to be impossible is always "Sim-possible" for Desmond.


Fonnie, a seasoned, energetic and passionate Certified Coach & Corporate Trainer, has over 18 years’ diverse ranges of Multi-national Corporates’ HRM/ L&D/ OD/ M&A and consultancy experience spanning across Asia Pacific region. Her belief in branding, unleashing people potential and leveraging resources, has strengthen her passion to drive new initiatives with clients for adapting to the ever-changing environment for peak performance, no matter where she goes. As a people-oriented person who is always ready to take up challenges and make changes, she got a diverse range industries work experiences (Financial & Investment, Luxury Retailing, NGO, Industrial & Manufacturing, MNC Chemical, IT & Utilities, Consultancy, etc.) spanning across Asia Pacific countries.

With her sensitivity to observe and enthusiasm to people, she spent time in integrating the outer knowledge and inner resources to facilitate people to unleash their own and unique potentials and communicate authentically with others so as to seek the win-win-win performance results, like what she always does on herself by the self-directed GPS.

With an inborn curiosity and courageous, she is a lifelong learner and keen on sharing her learned knowledge and wisdom within, between and among her surroundings. She keeps herself energetic in ongoing learning processes spanning across from Business Administration, Financial & Economics, Strategic Management & Leadership, HR Management, Organizational Development, Talent Management & Succession Planning, Learning & Development, Information Systems, Merger & Acquisitions to Psychology, Philosophy, NLP, Hypnosis, Coaching, Satir’s Personal Growth Models, Emotional Management, Counselling, Family Constellation, etc.

Fonnie is currently committed herself as a full-time Coach and Cultivator focusing on “Communication & Leadership” per her passion. Her uniqueness is her "sensitivities" to understand people by facilitating to self-aware, self-reflect, transform and achieve by their self-directed measurable results consistently. She enjoys working with organizations and people whom are valuing human potentials and dedicating to collaborate to drive peak performance.