Change Management

Can you imagine that what would happened if your business grow unimaginable out of hands? No proper process in place? Lousy customer service? Merger is on its way? Not doing follow-up as frequent as used to be? Not getting the right sales/revenue in on time? People suddenly find themselves demotivated than ever before?....and many more.

More often all above scenarios happened in a complicated multi-national company corporate environment. To be honest, that required far more quick fix in order to deal with current model of corporate business. What if this is in your growing business even if it is a small medium industry? You bound to have at least one or two such scenarios illustrated above happening to your business right now. This is where I spend years of my corporate background and repackage it to deal with growing business in a smaller scale. In this solution, we are offering mix consultation and mentoring with workshop package to educate and train business owners or even corporate people on how to deal with real world in transitioning from current mode to desire or the outcome mode.

We called it Change Management Engagement! Here's the offering we have:-

  1. Change Management Advisory Fast-Track Engagement.
  2. Change Management Mentoring Track- Change Agents
  3. Change Management Workshop- Certified Consultant.

For Change Management Advisory Fast-Track Engagement, we provide services of advisory on areas of:-

  • Implementation of Change Process
  • Project-Change Health Audit
  • Best Practices Audit
  • Change Maturity Assessment
  • Change Tracking in ROI

For Change Management Mentoring Track- Change Agents, we provide services of mentoring by introducing:-

  • Series of Mentoring Sessions to Groom internal Change Agents in Corporate.
  • Follow-up Short Training for Change Agents

For Change Management Workshop- Certified Consultant, we provide services of advisory on areas of:-

  • Full blown end-to-end 3 days workshop- (based on Live Gamification, Design Thinking, Intervention Techniques, How-to Facilitation Skill and Tracking)
  • 6 months coaching individual and groups
  • Assessment of Change Agents level as well as Consultants level
  • On-going yearly upgrade training.

Please get in touch with us via for further information on becoming certified and trained Change Management Agent.

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