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Fast-Track Thrive in Marketing

Having trouble to distinguish yourself and your competitors or simply want to take the "blue ocean' path in positioning yourself as the expert in your topic?

This is the one of the main reasons this program was created originally. Like many professionals such as lawyers, accountants even coaches, consultants, authors & trainers, not all of them are able to distinguish themselves successfully. It has nothing got to do with their expertise problem. As the matter of fact, the real business world has changed remarkably for the past few years. Contents and Channels have been increasing over internet. The biggest problem would be how would these competitive "experts" industry able to THRIVE  at all times? The last but not least that these folks would ended becoming commodity just like cars and toothpaste industry.This is because they know their profession or expertise still very much needed in today's world. However, most people would think their service very soon may turn into commodity. Turning commodity is the worst nightmare for these professionals. They spend so much money in their education but yet they are not able to distinguish themselves by earning more money they expected. Worst they are stuck in their hourly practice as they can't afford not able to make available for their time.

So what is the best way to get these "experts" to Thrive at all times?

The answer is to rebuilt your marketing structure, system, protocol and principle all over again. By having a robust, agile & be able to automate the process, any of these professionals or experts could THRIVE alone! Having said that, all experts need to adhere 4 Steps Protocol, they are:-

  1. Positioning
  2. Productize or Packaging
  3. Promoting
  4. Profiting

By utilizing these steps and protocols where countless of small business entrepreneurs out there can now distinguish themselves comparing to others. By following the steps and protocols, even the worst economic climate these experts would be able to generate incomes by faithfully following this process. However, depending on certain countries, this program over 2~3 days is being run as workshop based and 5-weeks online course. In a nutshell, we are covering in-depth to:

Positioning- How to get ourselves into the go-to expert factor that eventually attracting the right prospect/clients for you? In reality, there is no way you can serve everyone in this world and not everyone want your service. The myth that most guru's out there said built a big fat list no longer workable and it'll never be sustainable. Your list and prospect is not "things" that you can manipulate, they are smarter than you think. In this program, part of building your reputation and authority in your field is key here. There will be countless of brainstorming exercise in helping you to go through this vigorous process. Positioning is not difficult but not doing the right and effective way will not be meaningful. Part of the goal is to help you how to built a long lasting trustworthy reputation authority in your field.

Productize- Not many know this is the key of survival for many professionals such as lawyer, dentist or accountants. Ability to free up their time while still earning money even not seeing their clients consider a "myth" to these expert folks. The truth is hundreds and thousands out there worldwide is doing exactly opposite. They create product in a form of book or booklet, DVD/CD & other materials to sell themselves. In this program, you will learn how to go through the process in creating your very own product that sell by itself that served as both educational and marketing materials. I called it Killing 2 Birds with a stone. Wouldn't you want to built your business this new way?

Promoting- In the past, these experts rely on traditional media to spread their words out there. Flyers, TV, Newspaper & Magazine ads are the mainly target, they used to be very common and economical but today they are very expensive to invest. Most of the time, these methods would not show much favorable results. Therefore, by relying new method of word-of-mouth via social media and mobile applications chat messaging combine with meeting groups would be far more effective in taking your approach differently.

Profiting- It is the most critical element as these process don't get you the recurring incomes that you always wanted. However, in this program our goal is not guaranteed you making "X" amount of dollar if you follow the process. What we could really promise is you will see results. It is not our right to offer such guarantee even though we could as it could against the law in most countries. We take you ways in achieving your incomes that you want via certain process in taking advantage of multi-channels such as JV Partners, Webinar, Live-Talk (Tedx), Amazon, Google and many more. In a nutshell, this program is to allow the income flowing in even you don't need to meet your clients or prospects.

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