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"How to Thrive in Business & Actualize in Life?" To many it is almost impossible to achieve as majority business owners are able to do one of it at one time, not both. To many of you out there indeed extremely successful in what you do, but problems still persists. Several times, these problems related to their personal matter. The answer is very simple, you are letting your life live by your business, therefore you were never "harmony" in many ways.

Welcome to ACTUALIZE track!

The reason I created this cutting edge and consider my most advanced course as to date is to address worldwide universal problems on not able to Actualize in Life. So what does it mean, Actualize in Life?  Based from principle Maslow Hierarchical, our goal in life is to reach Self-Actualization which is at the pinnacle of the pyramid. However, in reality there are probably less than 2% of our total world population achieving that status. So what happened to the remaining 98%? Most of them still at bottom pyramid taking care basic physical needs i.e. making money, food, sex & sleep. With such condition, being Actualize in Life would remain as a dream. Being able to Actualize in Life always gotta do with how we live our life "harmonic" way. By saying it does not mean once you are successful in business you are automatically reach that status. There are many of them even they are already wealthy in materials still felt "empty" in life. There are many of them have problems interacting with their spouse and children or simply can't get along. There are many spend most of their time in hospital seeking various treatments with what they have earned over a period of time.

You need a total solution to enable you to Actualize in Life by simply Living in Harmonic way. The Harmonic way is actually living Mindfulness at all times.

Being Mindfulness Entrepreneur or simply Mindfulnesspreneur is to achieve 4 Pillars Principle in life. They are:

Happiness - You can pursue wealth in monetary till the end of your life time but you forget that we existed in this world is to pursue happiness. Being happy is not total happiness. Achieving happiness in life take lots of effort and contribution. If you are successful in business but still long for happiness, then you have not reach Mindfulnesspreneur status. You have simply overlooked the original purpose.

Wisdom - We can have all the intelligent in this world addressing the actual "mechanics" of the problem. However, many failed to turn this valuable asset into wisdom. Ability to use your wisdom is also able to tap into your inner heart, values, belief-system & common sense. Your wisdom is your key to solve many unsolved in today modern society problems. Solving your business problem with your wisdom is far more effective and long lasting than using just your intelligent.

Compassion - Being passionate in what you do, to me is considered GIVEN. Being Compassionate to your work and life would certainly take several extra miles. Not many aware that and ability of being Compassion to your work and life works hand-in-hand. Most people talk about kind, generous and altruism. How do we do that in business and life? How do we impart such character and behavior to our business partners, prospects, clients and co-worker? The more compassion you and your business to be the more long lasting it'll sustain.

Freedom - Yes, it is. It is all about what we want to achieve all this lifetime. We do want to make more money, have better quality life, beautiful relationship with loves one and many more. Until we are truly freedom and is not just about freedom in financially and others, but Freedom in Your Mind. Until we truly able to freed our mind, we will have harder times to be able to sustain our freedom be it financial freedom or others.

Based on these 4 Pillars as Principle of Mindfulnesspreneur, this program will take you to greater heights by applying it into your Financial, Career, Health, Spiritual & Relationship areas.

Our Offering Tracks would be:-

Level 1- 4R's Revive, Remediate, Rejuvenate & Renew Coaching Track

Level 2- Seeds Transformation Coaching Track

Level 3- Mindfullness Mastermind Live Event!

Interested to know more.....then let's hook up by contacting us support@desmondsim.com on how to be a truly Mindfulnesspreneur!

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