Are you Fulfilled in life, Actually?

What would be the most fulfillment in your life right now, in terms of Career, health, relationship or Financial? If you take more than 1 minute to answer this question, chances are, you not that fulfill in your life after all.

How do I know? I have interviewed many people during my coaching work and often successful people are "not that successful" when they often comment and pause for a while to talk about their personal life or health matter. However it takes some good skill to identify on the how-to part but usually would uttered "umm" "err" "well....." and many more. How can I be so sure? Easy, when your life are fulfilled, there are indications from the way:

  1. You carry yourself, in terms of body posture to people about yourself. (Most people argue not accurate)
  2. The immediate respond after the question posed.
  3. Expression from their face when speaking to people.

Fulfillment comes from "heart" and you naturally would feel that intensity when you are totally fulfilled in life. For people that are novice, they can fool them, but as time goes along, people would noticed you are not walk the talk. So next question would be, what does Fulfillment got to do in our life's? My answer to that is, ABSOLUTELY related!

Most of the time, Fulfillment on how you react on your feeling towards on something you want, have or had achieved in your life namely career, business, health, spiritual, relationship and financial matter. Now being success in all areas your life would translate the how fulfilled are you. More importantly, fulfillment is one of the indicator of the transformational life you are experiencing too.

Does not make sense? Well at first I thought this way back many years, until I discovered transformational process occurred within inner self. Yes! Is all started within yourself, otherwise, transformation would not happened. Sadly today, many still many successful people today claimed that transformational is just beyond "ourselves". It means to them, changes or transformation must happened outside of what they seen, not within inside ourselves. That's insane!

Now you know how transformation work, but you may asked again, how do I gauge this is the transformation I'm experiencing?

The only way to find out the transformation would be asking key questions that reflect before and after. For a start ask question relevant to "outcome" basis, like:

  • What would you like to see or how you like this to be turn out as picture for yourself, that you never could imagine, think and belief of?
  • What voices would confirm that you have already did what you did and is an experience that no other than what you had experienced before in your entire life?
  • What specific feelings would you like to experience when the moment change in your life have reached and how do you like to describe this feeling in words?

Once you have defined these questions initially, after the moment, experience and situation you have gone through, then ask yourself these 3 questions again and if your answers are as below then you are on your path of transformation:

  • I never imagined that I could run few businesses and earning residual income almost 3-fold then what I have been working in my previous job which about to lose it somehow.
  • Previously we were like so worry on saving for retirement as we barely earn enough, but we are constantly having cash in our pockets that allow us to maximize it with various "vehicle" and this is amazing.
  • We were about to divorce and we seems not able to communicate well for the past 3 years and today or should I say everyday we are falling in love with each other and sex is so awesome.
  • I was told I could not survive more than 3 months, after various treatments, my doctor told me to go back settle my affairs, but after 5 years I'm still alive talking to you and my doctor could not believed what he had said to me.
  • I have an extreme issues on my negative emotion, anger that I possessed in my entire life where it would turn into abusive and law enforcement to take action on me, but today I can quietly and peacefully listening and have a meaningful conversation with people.

Now these are the examples that I have from people that I know, experience these in their life's and words/feelings could not be even described after they gone through it. From then on, I can understand they are totally fulfilled now.

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  6. Many people do not have any real understanding of their inner selves. Many more would not even acknowledge the existence of an inner self. The deep understanding of life and all its facets is what creates those feelings of fulfilment, regardless of who you are or what job you do. If you do not understand yourself you will not grasp the true meaning of things happening around you.

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