Being successful required constant self-Reflect

After explaining 4 Driving Factors that served people to be successful and Thrive all the time, here comes the last one. Many don't realized that this factor is critical, as most people are just too busy to focus on getting more cash or wealth. However, often people would only do this if they ended up nowhere or stucked in their life.

It just simply by self-REFLECTING. So how many of you out there or yourself have been doing this regularly? You should know the answer. You see, by REFLECTING yourself on what you have been experiencing, doing and learning is an extraordinary life lesson! Why would I said that?

Now REFLECTING is where you are tapping the highest potential, source or some said energy to gain inspiration and ideas. It is also useful when you badly wanted to figure out what works and what not for you.

As there a link that if you don't learn then you would not REFLECT. Coincidentally, by self-REFLECTING, you are re-learning of what you have missed out unconsciously. There are few ways to do it but before that, let me share why is REFLECTING so powerful.

Our mindset operating in a very powerful manner due to vibrational, asked any theology expert, energy practitioner and yoga teachers, they will tell you the same thing. We are vibrating all the time in fact even when we sleep, now these so vibrational are simply "energy". It is by research from Jose Silva in the 70's that when we sleep we are reaching very deep level of our inner-conscious mind which called "theta" level. Gaining theta level while conscious daily is not straight forward but fortunately we have one level before "theta", called "alpha".

In lay-man term, when we operated in "alpha" level we are tapping to highest potential of our mind whether for health, business, relationship, wealth and many others. So how do I know I can operate in "alpha" level? Simple, have you been day dream before? Of course you would, I have, but when you are on day-dream you mind focus on that "slow" pace of mind wave level that enable you to seek deeper of a solution to a problem in your life. Have you ever had an experience when you are having your shower or making a coffee for yourself or whatever you're doing, ideas, inspiration, solution just arrived in your mind?

Now you know, so what form of way you can use? There are several ways you can do that. You can:-

1. Say prayers- a very common method regardless on any religious practice whether Catholic, Buddhist, Islam and many others, but saying prayers you are connected and vibrated to a higher level, it will required your mind in deep thought and that's the focus you would wonder how you achieved it so easily.

2. Meditation- another method that many practitioners used to enhance that deep thought level, it could be in a form of exercises like yoga, reiki, qi-gong, and others too. All these modality have the common understanding that their source came from ONE, the Universe.

3. Step-back- one of the method we as professional coaches and consultants used to gather data, information's and solve complex issues. We simply asked related and powerful questions such as How would it work differently if we placed this proposed solution? or What it takes to arrive at that conclusion? or Would be it much better results, when such steps are being implemented in a faster pace and simple format?

Successful people all performed their self-REFLECTING including the gurus like Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, James Ray, Deepak Chopra and many others. They are no difference than you and me. The only difference they have their "moment" to self-REFLECT, so they could improve quality and results of people life each day.

If you agreed with me and would like to go deeper on how you can implement such techniques with various modality, JOIN US and obtain 3 FREE video contents leading to a great blueprint on how you can THRIVE and TRANSFORM other peoples life and yours too.

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  1. Hi Desmond, I love your opening point about too many people focussing on money. You are so right. Success is a great target to aim for, money will come once that has been achieved. Your videos sound like just the starting point. Enjoy the journey. Mandy

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