Faith in Your Relationship

I find the word "Faith" really fascinated in me not because it is more religious, but more people unaware of such that lead to mysterious journey in your life-to some people. Now it is a big topic to talk about Faith by itself whether religiously or secular angle point of view. I choose not to dwell into religious factor although sometimes it is unavoidable.

Faith, whether it being in a deity, person or program can make us feel safe to take giant leaps. A lack of faith can leave us feeling afraid to do even the most trivial thing. What is trust? It would appear that trust is defined differently depending on the circumstance and the person. Trust is inherent in much of what we do. In general it is a feeling that no matter what happens the source of trust will be there for you no matter what. This source of trust can be viewed as a rock fortress that cannot be broken no matter the wind; it is the constant in your life.

I'd like to narrow it down to something close to my heart- Relationship matter. Little that I know, in reality at every 10 persons I asked about this question, "Do you have strong faith in the relationship you built in Life?". Almost all of them came back to me with a saying that, "I'm not too sure". Now this is not an official or formal survey about getting the root of the reason, but to gauge how much in general people know about the word "Faith".

On the other hand, based on such feedback and response, most people have little or no Faith on the way how they built relationship with....isn't it ironic?

In this case, it applies to all condition such as your relationship with your spouses, kids, relatives, parents, friends, business partners, co-workers and superior too.

It is no surprised to me that with current divorcing rate skyrocket high, one of the core reason that either or both party do not have faith with each other in their relationship. Affairs and flings are just like part of society norm today. That shows human being interaction still lack of faith.

That same goes to our family, friends and relatives too. We rarely have faith in our kids, our aunt, our dad, our high school buddy and many more. We might believed what they do and said to a certain extend a level of trust. How far the trust goes depending how much effort we want to put in place to establish our faith.

In work, most organization is facing lack of trustworthiness today. There are very few organizations today achieved the level of trustworthiness and it is even rare co-workers, business partners and superiors believed each other in our work and capabilities. Conflicts and playing internal politics may add more salt to the existing wound.

So how does Faith being developed actually? First of all, we must understand Faith is not something can be developed or forced to be produce overnight. It is by a process that take place over a period of time within our behavior.

The formula is: Purpose + Belief System + Trust = Faith

Do you think is a bit more complicated to describe it in mathematical formula way? To some it is easy to comprehend. Actually, the process goes in such a way where, it started from:

  1. Purpose
  2. Belief System
  3. Trust
  4. Faith

By combining first 3 elements than Faith is being developed strongly. Most people live life without strong purpose or their purpose changes from time to time and is not timeless. I talked about being purpose in so many of my coaching programs and video trainings before. We all start with purpose in this life, just that many don't aware or is there a need to do it at the very first place?

Having strong purposeful statement for yourself constantly reminding us that what would be our actual outcome in life. Unfortunately, that's not enough to developed strong Faith. Since young we have been raised our parents, guardians and even grand parents. Our time spend in nursery and kindergarten shaped who we are today. That's called the core belief system that we possessed. The information in the belief system is so much that our mind or brain could not differentiate good or bad.

We carried that all the way through our adulthood. If we are being groomed and taught with good values and strong belief system on certain thing, most likely chances we will developed that too.

Over a period of time, as we so used to our belief process, trust emerged along the line. This is where most of us screwed up the entire their life time. People broke their promises, Couple goes into divorce, Argument & fight among siblings and many more. We may wonder why it is so tough to develop trust and yet it is so fragile and be easily broken? Another paradox! The truth is before reaching the stage of Faith, Trust is the most critical element and yet it is so fragile. Hence, Built our Trust as really Trustworthiness so we could developed our Faith.

In reality, Faith and Trust is very close to each other and having something or someone trustworthiness is so key in our Faith too. It has come to a point, there should be no question ask that whether you have Faith in God, your spouse, friend, co-worker because you have developed trustworthiness in place.

However, by breaking trustworthiness, there is no point to talk about Faith anymore. Faith is not something we can visualize or hear. It is often translated how do we FEEL about someone or something. Our emotions is the best yardstick to tell us whether our Faith is there or not. Many refused to admit this factor and if people realized our emotions like a barometer to us, then many problems what we witnessed today simply become solve-able.

Ask yourself how do you FEEL about him, her, or even to God? Once we developed this process in our life on Faith, nothing seems impossible will become possible again. Never lose sight and be influenced by today negative news and gossips today.

Belief in Yourself, Trust Yourself and Have Faith in Yourself. I believed all kinds of relationship that we always wanted will once again becoming beautiful, awesome and phenomenal.


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