Getting Yourself Thrive by simply Executing it

You see, it is absolutely a no brainer if you want to be successful, there's no way your reached you success stage by simply waiting, holding back, delaying, procrastinating and many more.

That includes Thrive in your life, business, career, health and relationship.

So what should you do, the answer is take massive action or execute it! As when I'm writing this post I too have my time of procrastinate and holding back of whatever I want to do in life. Ironically most people know about it but they never do it. Now that comes back to my original tag line which I said, surviving is just NOT ENOUGH. If you stay in surviving mode, most of the time you ended up waiting for things to be happened. Sadly most people don't know that, NOTHING is going to happen.

Successful people since the ancient Egyptians, Babylonian, Greek, Roman, Chinese, Indian know that to make something happened in big time, they have to mobilize monumental effort to achieve one. Just look at Giza Pyramid, The Great Wall of China, The Colosseum and many more. If they chose to stay at what you are doing now, being surviving mode, these great stuffs will never be existed.

Similarly goes to companies that produced great products and services like Apple on iPhone and iPad, Amazon on eReader Kindle, Microsoft on Windows Operating System, Nokia on mobile phone, Disneyland on their theme park, Zappos on their great customer services on selling shoes and many more. Think again, if they were sitting down there and do nothing, NOTHING will happen unless they make it happened.

Successful people like Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins, J.K Rowlings, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffets, Michael Dell, Richard Branson, David Geffen, and Mark Zuckerberg never had an easy life, almost all of them are pretty much broke, poor, in-debt, drop-out-college and today look at they are doing now. They take massive actions to make things happened.

In a nutshell, taking massive action or executing out your plan is much more critical than having a most beautiful plan/strategy, waiting for timing and simply doing nothing. My point is, if you begin to do something, results will come eventually, if you want bigger and better results, then prepare to take massive actions or executing it aggressively.

If you noticed, all the examples mentioned are simply a common sense and practice. Hence, if you agreed with me or stucked in your life and wanted to get the goals you want to be, then join me to understand how, what and why you can Thrive and Transform your life and business to the next level.

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  1. Ah, the dreaded procrastination. It is true that successful people take action. Sometimes we have to reach rock bottom to spur us into that action. I have also heard that people who make lists as more successful than those who do not. I guess it focusses your direction more. Enjoy the journey. Mandy

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