Inside-Out Our Mind


What would you do if you discovered yourself there is "something controlling" how you react in your emotion? This is what I want to talk about after watching the most-waited animation movie "Inside-Out".

Unlike previous animation movies, this one took one-step back to look at how we behave and react in reality. Many times, even as trained coaches trying to tease our clients mind and trying very hard to convince this could be something running behind their mind, they failed to understand about it.

This animation movie was indeed perfect to illustrate what's is actually running in our mind! Though my intention is to leverage this animation movie to teach my daughter about how we run our mind but after some deep thought it might be useful for adults such as parents too.

Now I'm not going to pretend I'm a parenting expert here but from an adult perspective we seemed to be lost touch who we are in reality by consciously shutting down ourselves from letting out our core emotions. You may not realized but we can partly blame how our school system educated us. That's the reason, how we grown up as a person depending on how we are being taught by our parents and teachers. They are our best true sources that we can rely on in our life as we grown up.

So no wonder we look and feel so similar to our parents and teacher too......

In the movie, the story was about Riley and when she was a little baby, her only core memory was about "Joy" & "Sadness". It make sense, as you really observed and look around, babies usually will express these two emotions, when they laugh means they are in joy when they cry means they are not happy or sad.

However, our emotions are more than these 5 characters that being illustrated in this movie. Our emotions as we grown up, complicate more due to the surrounding we live in and how we are being raised. In our term, we called it "Frame". Well you may ask, how do I know that?

Simple, the pattern that you believed in, saying things, expect things and many more tell more or less about how you have frame it. Most of this happened naturally since when were little or very young age. It existed when we were born and these behavior pattern are being documented in a book called The Matrix Model by L. Michael Hall. It practically tell us about all our frames, behaviors, patterns and emotions contributed how we perceived in our mind or Matrix from Self, Intention, World (System), Timeline, Capability, (Other) Relationship & Meaning. I don't plan to explain on this and it could be really "abstract" for most people to understand. Generally, all these Matrices are part of how we live in reality and importantly, every thoughts, frames and emotions, we draw the Meaning of it. Unless you are keen, I rather you re-watch the movie of The Matrix . It helps you to understand a little more after all, most human being learn quite well by visual.

Because of this Matrix, it finally opened up all "blockages" that I encountered all these while of  unwanted and painful memories, until.....

Back several years ago, I written a book about 7 Emotions that Prevent Your Success and it was my very first book. The reason I wrote that book due to many motivations that drive me to publish that very first book of mine. One thing for sure, not many know that these 7 Emotions are literally mentioned by Napoleon Hill in his classic "Think & Grow Rich". This best classic were read by millions of best teachers and wealthy people around the world. It has been proven that his principles still stand the truth of what he had researched back then.

The book I wrote listed 7 Emotions which were predominantly "negative" thoughts such as Anger, Hatred, Fear, Jealousy, Superstitious, Greed & Revenge.

If you have watched this animation movie, out of 5 main characters, Fear & Anger were always there. These two main characters or emotions which I called it "Fight" or "Flight" mode of "modus operandi" in our mind play a huge role in sabotaging our thoughts and subsequently long term memory.

In reality, we do have long term memory, it usually store in a secret place that we are not aware of. In the movie, it was being illustrated in a dark place where they "dump" these memories that we felt not so related anymore. If you realized one of such moment, they discovered Riley main fear when she was a baby was about- broccoli.  We call it "subconscious mind" or some they say "inner-conscious mind".

To be able tap and explore subconscious mind is extremely powerful and it holds almost 90% of our mind capability. Unfortunately, we probably use 10% of our mind in reality. But the good news is there's a possibility for you to expand more than 10% of your mind! The greater news on top of it, there's a chance for you to utilize your entire brain for fullest potential.

Well if you are ready, then let's talk further, let me help you get what you want.

I'm really glad this movie released and Disney did a great job by telling the story in such fun way even we all knew the complexity and complicated about human mind.

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