A Jedi or A Coach

Now by this time, the entire world would know this article meant to reflect the latest movie of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  I have reasons to publish this article in conjunction of the year end approaching. I believed that a "Jedi" knight in Star Wars world and a "Coach" in our world truly have some commonality.


Not many aware of that Star Wars and Coaching industry have their some form of structure and existence which shared some similarity. To some common people out there, they might think otherwise. Let's explore a bit here......


Coaches and Jedi Knights have the same thing in principle, where their existence in wherever they are live by purpose. By nature, all Jedi Knights respect all life by defending and protecting those who cannot do it for themselves, striving for peaceful and non-combative solutions to any altercations they encounter and fighting only in self-defense and for hose they protected.

For Coaches or people from the Coaching industry, they existed in helping those that struggling in life, career, health and relationship and to certain extend they cannot make a come back by themselves. Coaches are non-judgmental people and they don't go all out to make unnecessarily fight or argument if there is no meaning or purpose on the matter. In a way, we help people solely focus on the betterment side.

Founded with Great Vision

The Jedi Knights do not existed without a great vision from a founder or creator. In this case, we cannot afford not to mention, the great Master Yoda. It is because this Great Grand Master existence with pure and far vision, countless Jedi Master and knights have been trained and produced to serve without any prejudiced. The great Master Yoda has become the go-to to seek advice at the very "prophet" level in terms of Jedi communities. He lived up to 900 years and trained more than any Jedi's for the past 8 Centuries at the most prestigious Jedi Temple.

Of course that was fiction of what we believed in it. In Coaching industry, not many aware, it does not just exist as it is. The founding father of Coaching industry was none other than Thomas Leonard. He founded the first coaching community called CoachVille in 1992 which became the well known Coach U. It is his vision and hope it will become the University for Coaching industry. He later went on founded and created ICF and IAC which all coaches in the world as the recognized body to endorse coaching qualification. He was also the first president for both association. Today, these 3 associations are the biggest platform in producing finest coaching industry professions.

Both Thomas Leonard and Master Yoda shared the same vision with hope everyone able to become Jedi or Coach to serve and the finest would be the professional coaches and Jedi Master.


Stages of Progressing

Jedi Knights are trained and developed with stages. Most of them started as Initiates as young as 5 years old. Largely majority of them completed their fundamental level which called as Padawan (Apprentice) before moving on Jedi Knights with trials and tests. All levels are being guided by their mentor which usually the Jedi Masters. At the most advanced level they can reach would be Jedi Master. On the other hands, there are several Jedi types where their role as Guardian focused all aspects of combat as an extension of their being, and trained on combining and perfecting their athletic, aviation and martial art skills with mastery of the Force. Jedi Consulars for example focused on further mastery of the Force and the sharpening of mental faculties, and wielded a lightsaber only for self-defense.

Coaches on the other hand, are similar but rather more lean which focus on generally as Associate level that meet basic requirements being a professional Coaches. They then could move forward in deepening their skill-sets via Professional status where thorough tests and assessments are being applied on them. The final stages would be Master level of Coaches, where these coaches focus on mentoring and deepening their skills to whole new level both in the art of questioning, psychological understanding, calibrating and building the finest art of rapport with their clients. There are coaches have different focuses such as helping clients building their business as Business Coach. There are coaches also helping internal companies in facilitating the transition of their career. These coaches focuses on niche market that enabled them having the vast experiences in different perspective.

Continuous Learning

So do you think once they become Jedi Master, everything ends there? Wrong!

The Jedi Council encouraged all Jedi's improving themselves in various perspective whether in combating skills, mind control and various sensing skills. At the very least from Grand Master Yoda perspective all Jedi's must meditated well in order face any form of danger.

Similarly, all coaches are required to pursue their continuously learning curve, where they could either pursue in academic research field, delivering case studies from various experiences, moving scale to next level of qualification and even majoring niches that not many coaches wanted to pursue. These would help and enrich coaches today in molding them in becoming a better leader, guide and mentor in their own field and expertise.


Ultimate Tool

Last but not least Jedi's could not function well without a tool and largely depending on the "light saber". It is a form of weapon that enabled most Jedi to protect and shield themselves of being fired by the enemy. However, the effectiveness of using the light-saber is the key. Jedi Masters such as Qui-Gon Jinn, Mace Windu, Obi Wan Kenobi and including Luke Skywalker make use the light-saber to suit their strength. These strength would turn their capability into whole new level in achieving what they want do.

For Coaches, the ultimate tool is the art of questioning skills. Possessed the art of asking the right questions to their clients can be far powerful than a sword and in this case light saber. That's the reason, coaches are trained in such a way that they mastered the art of communication via art of asking the right questions. The experienced and well-trained coaches would know when is the right timing, how and what type of questions to ask in getting to the core of the problem and facilitate the solution out from it.

So there you go, 5 most commonalities that shared between a Jedi from a fiction and far far galaxy world and a Coach from our reality world. In such, I do hope you would learn something out of this article as we approaching year end.

The brand new year 2016 is around the corner, so what's your plan then? How can you become a "Jedi" in our reality world where you could truly serve your clients regardless how challenging the economic situation would be? I hope it does ring your bell a bit.

May all of you have a great holiday, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!


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