Live Fully, Love Whole-heartedly and Serve Compassionately

A great quote above on this posting, but don't get me wrong, I did not invented it. I picked it up after reading a book called Millionaire Messenger. The same quote also was delivered by Norman Cousins before.

For many people out there, this headline is not something unsual or extraordinary, but for people like you and me striving to get ourselves to thrive in our life's may think differently. It is also meant very much to people that gone through various challenges and obstacles in life. Sadly to said that, when you leave this world, these 3 sentences would reflect immediately in your mind. Consciously, we know what is about Living our life, but living our life fully? How could I live life fully?

Now you don't have to be someone that have gone through huge obstacles in life or as near death experiences but it helps related to other people. Start appreciate on what you have now, rediscovering your purpose and beginning to take massive actions in achieving Live Life Fullest!

As for me, few years ago, I hit a rock-bottom in my life that literally change my perspective totally. All these years since my childhood time, I considered everything in my life as "given", sadly I did take advantages on it as all of us live together in one roof. I lost my dear mom that was struggling emotionally and physically due to diagnosis of late-stage cancer. I lost my entire business data due to my laptop was stolen. I was in dilemma as for the first time being a dad which I never know how. I have to constantly comfort my wife though she's pregnant, she was totally emotionally unstable and losing control most of the time seeing my mom suffered in her illness. I was also seriously ill then and to avoid contracting any viruses to my baby, I need to be away from her for weeks. My confinement lady that I hired did not completed her job due to her sudden emergencies at home, I need to get someone else to take care my wife and new-born baby girl . I was at that time literally have to shy away of all opportunities and leads for my work and business, as a result, my financial was in a total mess. That carries on when we have to figured out a way to pay-up my mom funeral costs as well. In addition, at the same time, my dad could not accept the reality for the first time he has to live all by himself, devastated, you bet! While trying my best spending some time with my dad, I then met an accident, that nearly, cost my life, luckily I survived with major trauma shocked with no injuries.

Now would you like to have these incidents as part of your entire year calendar? Of course not! So what I have learned from all these incidents is that, reminded me that life is just so fragile and we never learn appreciating of what we have during that moment. I also learned that, the moment you leave this world, if you have not thought how well you live your life, then you're typically wasting your life.

I never pay attention on life surrounding me until I encountered these experiences. Hence, I decided to treat life as part of my "treasure". I decided to make an attempt to feel gratitude of whatever I have for everyone and everything. I became more optimistic and strive to help people that I know in living their life worthily. I realized life is a phenomenal experiences that one could have in a life time and what would be a better time fully utilized it. I am now living my life as fully as possible.

I never thought love can be a powerful channel that we could help people to be better in their life.My knowledge about love is always restricted to protocol which only meant for my family and spouses. I realized then, this is not actually LOVE approach that I knew. I discovered the real deal is I need to learn LOVE OPENLY and not love selectively. I then started to reach out to people, have a lot of conversations, support their emotions, listen to their heart emphatically and caring their soul wholeheartedly. It is just nature human being needs. Honestly, I felt much happier and in joy when I now know love people openly.

Being in services industry for many years helps me see things in different perspective about serving people. I realized in order to be matter in this world and people that I connected with, I must ask, what value that I have imparted to them? I learned serving people does not only come from your intelligent but from your open heart too. So I asked myself, how do I add-value to people in my life? Seeing the opportunities that people I know transformed their life to the next level could not be described with words and emotions but only with tears of joy. I understand then, in order to help people to achieve their massive potential and greater results in life required serving them extensively which I called serve compassionately.

Before I end this post, knowing not all people would get the idea of what I said, I decided to create a scenario that, if you happened encountered the greatest challenge in your life, be it near death, unbearable sufferings and tremendous pain in your life and you cannot help not to deal with immediately and letting go everything you have now, would you asked yourself;

  1. Have you actually live your life fully even for a single moment in entire lifetime? If not, what would it be now, a decision, a realizations, a belief, a strong meaning, value and understanding that motivates you in living your life fully?
  2. Have you ever love not just someone, but to all people that you know dearly in life even spending a special moment that literally validating your love and care is always open without any judgement and condition?
  3. Have you help people in life no matter what it takes, be it career, business, relationship and health by serving them not just candidly only but be prepared always serve them greatly and compassionately?

In short, are you living your life fully, love whole-heartedly and serve people compassionately?

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  1. Wow, you've been through the mill, Desmond. I do believe that our experiences are what shapes us as people and enable us to live wholeheartedly. I am an opportunist, I like to take everything that comes my way and learn the most I can from it, and that includes the difficult bits. We do need those bits to balance the circle of life for us all. Enjoy the journey. Mandy
  2. Hi Salina, appreciate on your comments. Well as for your question, it all depends on the meaning on each individual about "love openly" and chances are many don't have much knowledge about it too. My thought and experiences could be different than yours. In my case, I see, hear and feel each individual as "beautiful" soul and regardless of their background and status, I reached out unconditionally to them. Human being always will be over-analytical at some point by asking ourselves, "should I go ahead?" "why should I give in?" It took me a while to have such self-realization too. People want to be appreciate and regain their self-worthiness. So as coaches, is our job to tap into their potentials and released it.
  3. Hi Desmond, thank you very much. I see this a very open sharing and it is not easy though. Have we hit rock-bottom in life? Yes and no and we never know. The dark moment I had may be just a little thing to others and vice versa. The darkest moment I think I had, yet something even darker than darkest might be coming. Haha... just be courageous! Love openly, what does it mean? Would you elaborate it a bit more? Thanks a lot.

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