5P’s Profitable Speaking, Webinar & Teleseminar

There are many claimed to be reputable and workable tips and techniques of ways getting profitable particularly for speakers, coaches, trainers and consultants too.

One very happy energetic businessman with his arms raised

One very happy energetic businessman with his arms raised

I read most of it but none of it as simplified after I vet through as simplistic and yet easily understood. Here there are 5 P's:-


1. Position Yourself: Create Vulnerability and Credibility in your Intro

2. Position Your Topic: What is possible from doing your work? Grab ’em!

3. Position Your Audience: Show them they are in the right place. “This is for you if...”

4. Position Your Talk:Give an outcome driven overview of what you’re going to cover. Enroll them. “Today we’re going to cover...”

5. Position Your Offer:Create Partnership from the Start and set yourself up to unabashedly promote. “I’m going to give you all I can in the time we have together AND I promise to show you how to take it further!”

Create understanding and empathy by letting your listeners know you understand their pain.What is the pain your ideal clients are experiencing right now? (Pain that your product or service will alleviate)

Explain how your product or service will alleviate their pain. How does your product or service alleviate the pain your ideal clients are experiencing and teach them some ways they can get started right away?

This is where you show social proof, testimonials, case studies, success stories, etc. Should be sprinkled throughout to illustrate points. Make a list of your testimonials, success stories and case studies.

This is the transition to your offer/invitation. ie: “Looking forward: How to turn today’s useful information into lasting transformation.”

There you go all the 5P's and hopefully, this simplified and concise manner could help those that run webinars, tele-seminars and live-speaking regularly.

To Your Meta-Profitable Expert Business!!!

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