Student First, Teacher Second ,Servants Always

As an experienced and well trained coach, I always thought that being an "expert" we seems to knew quite a lot of being a coach, trainer or consulting in whichever niche you're in. We also often forgotten about how we acquired our knowledge, skills and expertise at the very first place.

Before being an "expert" in your field what was the most important thing we claimed our expertise need to adhere? The answer is to be life long student! Yes it is as simple as that.

Every expert I have known believes they are student and explorer within their heart. They constantly looking for ways or method to share and talk about books they have read, seminars they have attended, webinar they have participated and how many successful person they have interviewed.

As coaches, consultants and trainers, do you do as what these experts do?

Many people who have given the "expert" or "guru"a bad name and to the certain extend it has become a taboo. These people that I discovered, so called being an "expert" in their field operate themselves  by ego versus calling, and they think they have figured out everything. They merely play a big game as an "authority" more for a personal pride and gain then to serve. They stop learning, they stop collaborating with other communities of experts and ultimately they will lose touch with their current best practices.

Have you read at least 6 books in your topic or expertise in the last 6 months? Have you thought of doing interviews with at least 8 people within your community, this year? Have you're not actively scouring the internet for extensive searches, researching online journals, joining other experts newsletter, finding out some feedback via social media, performing surveys to your audiences and searching latest books in the market?

If you have not, then how would you grow yourself and be always serve your audiences?

Almost all guru's or great teachers that I know take notes, they done it in a very well thought of and organized their notes-taking and hitting the points. Some of them are like Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, John Assaraf, Brendon Burchard and my mentor L. Michael Hall. They never failed note down all important ideas and they may serve as great contents to get their message out there.

As coaches, trainers and consultants, how have you been doing your notes-taking so far? Have you put out these notes out there? Have you used it to share with your audiences and clients? Have you not thought of sharing these and inspiring note as part of your coaching or consulting engagement?

So being an expert coach and consultant of myself, before taking my ability to the next level, I asked myself,

  • how well I have been as a learner or student first?
  • what belief-system¬† should I incorporate as a learner so it would be beneficial others?
  • what value component I could share as of now being a student?
  • Is my highest intention clear of being a servant while working as student first?
  • what would it mean to you as you go through a process being a learner/researcher to a teacher and a servant always?

As coaches, trainers and consultants, you and I have no difference as we all capable being "expert" in our own field, topic, niches and industry.

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  1. interesting blog site
  2. Hi Desmond, I love the closing line of your heading - students always. This is so true. We are constantly learning, and cannot assume that we ever know all about our chosen subject. Enjoy the journey. Mandy
  3. Do really assume this is true?

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