The Fastest Method to Success- Modeling

Yes to echo once again, the fastest way to success is not about having a rich uncle, marrying a rich man or rich woman, quick rich scheme, investing in stock market and gold blindly and hit a lottery. I believed most people will accused me of totally baseless in my claim.

My question to those people, what if all I listed no longer as it is? and not everyone may have the chance to find a rich spouse. Worst most people that hit lottery according to survey 95% of them will be bankrupt in less than 2 years.

To make it bolder claim, is not about your MBA degree, experiences and who you know someone in Washington DC. It is about how do you prepare to step-back and MODEL successful people in today's business world. In a nutshell, how you and I possessed an ability to MODEL how today successful people succeeded in life, is the key.

Believed me that, this is so important and it has become the "silver bullet" if you want to be on the fast-track of success. The greatest all time success and motivation guru, Tony Robbins often emphasized your ability of modeling people the way they do things and operate determine your success in future. I totally agreed with him.

The late Sir John Templeton, made his billion by taking advantage of the Great Depression and invested little money almost all market he believed will yield return in long term. Back those days, people do save more compares nowadays, so is not about how much you earn matter but how much you prepare to save is important. His determination to learn and reviewed what's happening around keep his awareness high. He became the role model for many investors and still some follow his way of investing.

Napoleon Hill was not a successful person and not until he met Andrew Carnegie which at that time one of the most richest man in America. Through Carnegie, Hill met many of Carnegie friends that are so successful in their life and career such as Charles Schwab, Thomas Edison who was the founder of General Electric Company and many more. Hill did a brilliant job by interviewing all these successful people including Carnegie himself, documented the process and principle of wealth and thus a book called "Think and Grow Rich" created. So what he did was to model what and how successful people is doing. Today this book is the all time best seller a must to read for mindset and wealth creation purpose. Almost all successful experts, businessman and guru in the industry.

One of them which I admired most the business icon during the 90s was Bill Gates. It was being told that, Bill did drop out Harvard and part of the reason he read Think and Grow Rich as well as The Master Key of Riches too. Not too sure was that, but he certainly an excellent modeler where several ideas came from his engagements and work with IBM and Apple and as a results, together with Paul Allen he model the structure of what IBM and Apple have, thus created Windows Operating System after establishing Microsoft. At that time his famous quote was "a computer on every desk and in every home using Windows" I'm sure majority reading this post now are still using Windows Operating System today.

Tony Robbins was a legend on his own orbit where he created entire different landscape of business in personal development. He understand modeling is a very powerful tool and thus he seek out and learned as well as reviewed what it takes to be successful in life. Almost all his conferences, the way how he built business, his speeches, his coaching work and building his lifestyle and empire came from a concept of MODELING.

So with 4 of these samples do you still need more convincing about MODELING myth? If you agreed with me and wanted to take you life next level, then join me and get to know how you can Thrive and Transform your life too.

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  1. Excellent ideas throughout this post, I just added this to my RSS feed. Do you have any feedback on your most recent post though?
  2. Whats up, this is brilliant article. I seriously enjoyed reading. Nevertheless there are plenty of off topic comments. I seriously suggest you to get rid of or something like that. That is only my opinion. All the best!
  3. Cleo Bentley
    That is some inspirational stuff. Never knew that opinions could be this varied. Thanks for all the enthusiasm to offer such helpful information here.
  4. Frightening statistics about lottery winners, Desmond! I have been aware that budgeting is no longer part of the school curriculum in most countries. Sad but true. Tony Robbins is a personal favourite, clearly a very motivated man, and for most people motivation is sadly lacking. Enjoy the journey. Mandy
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